I just got an email from my good friend Michael Cage in which he tells a great story that I had to share with you because it drives home a very important point.

Here it is In Michael’s own words…

If you don’t live in the mid-Atlantic area you might not know that we are being invaded by Cicadas.

A cicada is a huge insect that lives underground for 17 years feeding on roots. When the magic 17th year hits, they crawl out of their holes, fly around in huge swarms, mate, and then die.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

They are so thick that anytime I walk outside I have a darned good chance of being smacked upside the head by one that wasn’t watching where it was flying.

If you’d like to see what one of these buggers looks like, go to this webpage: http://insects.ummz.lsa.umich.edu/fauna/michigan_cicadas/Periodical/Index.html

I’d just finished reading Michaels email, when it occurred to me that these 17 year cicadas behave a lot like many of my subscribers.

What do I mean?


Most homeowners aren’t aggressive about controlling mold until something happens that scares the living daylights out of em. For most, it’s a crisis or a news story that gets them curious about the subject.

They then browse around the internet, trying to find all the FREE information they can.

And they actually get mad at people like me who consult for a living. I know it’s true, because I get irate emails from these people regularly.

Of course, there are those “rare few” who are aggressive and take action to do what’s necessary.

They understand the value of information and know it’s worth a fortune to them.

These people have now learned how to wipe out black mold and protect their family and home from this menace.

Think about it for a minute, when you spend $99 and it saves you $10,000.00, that was a good investment, wasn’t it.

Of course it was!

I’m always amazed at people who can’t seem to grasp this simple concept.

Anyway, since it’s the weekend I thought I’d give you a peek into something I do for private clients. It’s what I call, “Oh S%$# Mold Control” (at least that’s what I call it in public) and it fits well with Michael’s cicada story.

I have to admit “Oh S%$# Mold Control” is a source of endless curiosity and entertainment for me. I know you want to know what it is, and I’ll get to it, after a little background…

I’m working with tons of clients here in Seattle.

The thing about working with the average homeowner is that because most of them are so horrifically inept when it comes to this subject, I can find a serious water or mold problem in their home that they had no clue even existed.

In fact, this is true for 47% of the homes I look at.

I then show the client just a few small tweaks and changes they can make to prevent what would have been an outrageous home repair bill. Not to mention a potentially serious medical situation for everyone in the home.

Anyway, that’s not the point of this letter…

What is?

It never fails that when I work with a new client, within 30 days we sniff out and repair minor problems, before they become a HUGE expense. And if there is a full-blown mold infestation, we get it handled!

In fact, having been around for a few of these sessions, the homeowner usually says something like, “Oh S%$#, I had no idea this major problem was right under my nose!”

Hence, “Oh S%$# Mold Control.”

In the latest example, my clients neighbor actually started complaining to my client because she had just paid $15,729.42 to fix a problem that could have been easily avoided.

So, here’s a couple tips…

Get rid of the tightwad attitude, cause here’s the facts. You going to invest a little bit now, or you’re gonna spend a fortune later. It’s up to you.

Get over the “I should be able to get it for FREE on the internet” mentality too. Yeah, you can get some stuff for free on the internet, but you ain’t gonna get the whole story.

Sure, you can gather bits n pieces. But the bits n pieces you gather may be the wrong ones. Not only that, what you missed, what went right over your head – that’s the critical information.

And when an expert explains it to you, you clunk your head and go, “Damn, I wish I wouldn’t have missed that.”

And lastly…

Don’t wait until you’ve got a mold problem that’s going to cost a fortune to resolve, and make you say, OH S%$#. Get off your rear and take action before it gets to that point.

Being reactive sucks, being proactive will save you a fortune! What are you waiting for? Get off your rear and go here now!