I’ve got a major announcement to share with you, and you’re gonna love it! But first, let me give you an update.

I’m still sifting through all the emails I received in the last 24 hours.

I know I made some people angry with yesterdays email. I made no bones how I feel about people whining at me. I realize that I also made some strongly worded comments about the whole black mold issue.

But the fact is, I don’t feel bad about it, and I accomplished what I wanted.

We got rid of the whiners, albeit not without having to deal with a ton more whiny emails from them.

In fact, I couldn’t believe the idiotic comments I got from Kaye Tietjens (who is no longer a subscriber, thank God).

Here they are…

Kevin, Thanks so very much for your nasty little diatribe. I’m quite irritated by the nasty tone of your email. I’ve sent email to remove me so I had better not receive any further email from you or I will take action as I will consider it spam since I have now opted out. You have only yourself to blame for this since it was your nasty email that prompted it.

BTW, I did not ask to be on your email list in the first place so you HAVE been spamming me for some time. I am the only one who uses this account so no one else had the authority to put me on your spam list.

Kaye Tietjens

Kaye, I did a check, and yes, you are in fact removed from the list.

Although I wasn’t speaking to you personally, you’re the exact type of person I was referring to.

Are you actually trying to suggest that I somehow added your name to my mailing list on my own accord?

Give me a break!!!


Kaye’s Reply:

Ok, if I have in fact been taken off your list why did I get this email after I expressly told you not to contact me. DO NOT reply to this. DO NOT contact me. You are, in fact, spamming me. And yes, you have somehow harvested addresses (mine all the rest) to send out your spam.

I do not want ANY mail from you. Kaye

Just to you know, I do NOT harvest email addresses, period!

Don’t need to, and don’t wanna deal with the heartache of doing so.

But somehow or another, some people seem to think that I just add email addresses to my list so I can send mold info out to them.

What an insane thing to do.

I don’t want to be in contact with anyone who don’t wanna hear from me.

That would be a waste of both our time.

Alright, on to the good stuff!

We also got the word out about Jim Halstead yesterday. And while my real purpose was to make a point by sharing his story with you, it certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing if we were able to lend a hand in helping Jim find a kidney.

I even got a few good emails, like this one:

Dear Kevin, I’m sorry you have encountered so many A*holes in your might for awareness of black mold but I assure you. I have requested information and have no intentions of accusing you of spamming me. I found your information and suggestions very helpful and I look forward about learning more. Hang in there Kevin, not everyone is out there to get you.

And for the next person that says there have been no “documented deaths” remind them it took many years for people to admit smoking causing disease and death but to this day not one person has ever been documented of dying solely of smoking. You get my point I’m sure. Once again thank you for all the info.

Sincerely, Heather & Eric Wiskes

Hopefully you’ll get Eric’s point too.


So, as you can see, yesterday was pretty dog-on productive. And that makes me feel great!

In addition to the hundreds of whiners that I heard from (can you tell I detest whiners?) I also got a flood of great comments from the rest of you. Thanks for that.

Since my major announcement applies directly to the email I received from Mike Nutting, I’ll go ahead and share it first.

Here ya go…

Hi Kevin,

OK, this kidney story has tripped my trigger. I have been reading your emails and gone over your site a lot the past month or so and it is time to relate story and see if you agree that I need your system. We have lived in this house for 14 years, we were new homeowners didn’t really have much experience in upkeep. We found moisture, not standing water or even noticeable puddles in basement. We contacted a basement waterproofing company here in NY. They quoted us they would inject a sealant around 3/4 of the house near foundation and it would form a “wall” to water and it would not penetrate. As new homeowners, no internet back then, we simply said OK. $2400 later we still had moisture, visible this time. We called them back and they stated they would put in a sump pump and drainage system in basement at no charge. They completely messed up my basement and we still have moisture and the musty odor.

Now on Father’s day 2000 we have a water pipe burst and flooded the basement. I had fire department here with pumps, squeezes, and water vacuum. Carpet and pad were removed, fans were run until the floor was dry. New carpet put down. Still a musty odor. But no visible water. Now we do have black crap new floor line on some walls I have removed some of it and that is as far as I have gotten. A severe back injury last Father’s Day limited my accomplishments last summer.

So from what I have told you what are your first impressions. We have not had any medical problems that are “mysterious”. I want to do the tests, but if they come up positive I don’t want to have to buy the entire system afterwards if they are a couple of tests in the whole package.

I think I should do it, but still flat out unsure where to start. I think I am going to be one of those cases where I have been mislead/informed and its going to cost me. So I am putting myself into your hands even if you are 3000 miles away. So you thoughts…..please.

Sincerely, Mike Nutting – Homer, NY


Without seeing your job, I’m not going to be able to tell you how to best fix the problem, it may even require some serious excavation work.

But I can say this, ya ain’t gonna get misled by me, that you can count on.

In fact, I just got through making some updates to the way I offer my product, and you’re gonna appreciate it.

As you know, I offer a guarantee on my Wipe Out Mold System.

Now, offering a guarantee like this is good, but I got to thinking, it doesn’t really mean much on the internet. I mean for crying out loud, every Joe Schmoe on the internet offers a guarantee. But a guarantee won’t do you any good if you’re dealing with some fly-by-night jerk who decides to take your money and run.

I decided I had to come up with a way to let you know how serious I am about this whole black mold topic, and helping you get rid of it… forever!

I may get taken to the cleaners, but I’m gonna put my money where my mouth is.

I’m now letting you have the system for FREE.

That’s right, for FREE!

Get the details here

I just can’t do any better than that.