It’s time to share some of your emails. After the other day, I even got one from a disgruntled contractor who didn’t like what I had to say.

I know that I’m bound to make a few people angry with my comments (especially the guy below). But the fact is, I don’t care if I offend a few people. My job is to give you the help you need, and that’s it!

So let’s get to it.

Hi Kevin,

It’s been a while since I have responded to one of your mailings but this one is close to my heart.

You may recall that I am an insurance claims adjuster in Canada and your topics are usually very relevant to my job.

It’s funny how before I was doing this I had the exact same problems with contractors. This is universal it seems. There was one particular instance that I have to tell you about.

Several years ago when we lived in Ontario we decided to have our basement finished prior to the arrival of our twins. We needed the space. Unfortunately I was not paying attention and did not see an extensive crack in the basement concrete wall.

The contractor who finished the basement was one of the “string it out” types who made our lives miserable. The small job took ages to complete. I think now that he likely noticed the crack but was too lazy to say something about it.

Maybe he thought if the drywall became wet I would call him to do the repairs? Regardless, the crack was there for many years and we missed it. So you know what happened next. One day a couple years later I moved the sofa for some reason and found water on the carpet. By this time I had begun my present profession and was learning the ramifications. I opened the wall and found mold central! I sealed it back up and started calling some contractors.

Just like you I had those who never came or did not call back but there was one who came and took a good look. His estimate was high but he explained it to me. I had another come afterwards and gave me a cheap estimate but upon review I saw that he was doing no remedial work at all! He was going to wipe it off and inject the wall at the crack (this does not work, for the record) and close it back up!

Great for me and my family, eh?

Meanwhile, the other contractor called me every day will a gentle prodding for a reply. His company was very busy BUT he cared of the health issues and was concerned for my family.

How’s that for above and beyond the call?

When I realized that the higher cost was worth it I called him and he took 2 workers off of a renovation project and properly and completely repaired my basement.

He was completely certified to deal with mold issues (as are every contractor I will consider for a job now) and did the job properly. When it was done he even left an air cleaner for 2 months at no charge to eradicate and stray spores that could have been in the area. He did this to ease my mind.

After that I referred him to my friends and family and he has almost made a career of doing jobs for people I refer to him and referrals from them and so on.

So what does it cost an individual when they feel they are “too busy” to call you back or attend an appointment? What does it cost to bid cheaply to get the job rather than do the job properly ? It could cost you your livelihood. When times are slow as they will be for these types there won’t be any customers referring others to you.

Thanks again for everything Kevin, I hope you find this story of interest.

Take Care,

Tim Scammell, CET Adjuster Plant Hope Adjusters Ltd. 1149 Smythe Street, Suite 102 Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 3H4

Hey Tim,

It was great to hear from you again. You bring up some great points (and that’s why I chose to share your story).

I hope everyone who reads this picks up on all the wisdom in your words.

In my personal life, I’ve never made buying decisions based solely on price. And in my business life, I’ve never been the low priced contractor.

And here’s why…

I’d rather charge a fair price and do the job right, rather than charge a low price and have to repeatedly apologize for poor workmanship.

While some people by solely on price, most of us do not. If that were the case, we’d all be driving Yugos.

The fact is, when you invest in quality, it always pays off!

Once again Tim, thanks for the words of wisdom.



I enjoyed your story and I can relate totally. There is no such thing as customer service anymore. I work in service and I go way out of my way to help people, it makes a huge difference. I have people ask for me specifically because of my own reputation.

I had a similar story I wanted to share with you.

Last year when we were going through our mold problems, I decided to have a humidifier and electronic air cleaner installed on our furnace. This house is about 6 years old and it never had it.

So I called the company that installed it originally. I had the same problem, I actually went to the place and they told me that no one was there could help me. So I scheduled an appointment for a salesman to come out. He called and rescheduled twice before he was late to the final appointment. I had made up my mind what I wanted; I did not need to be “sold” into it. He came and measured and confirmed that the unit would fit even thought there was a label that says “Space reserved for electronic air cleaner”.

We asked for a quote and the guy had no idea what it would cost, if the units were in stock and how long it would take to install it. He was supposed to call us that afternoon and give us a quote. No phone call, nothing. I made several attempts to call him and never got a return call.

In the meantime, we called another company that we had seen their trucks numerous times in the neighborhood. That guy came out the next day, gave us a quote on the spot and said it would be installed within 3 days of telling them ok. The guy spent a lot of time answering questions we had and giving us advise about a ultra violet air cleaner I had heard about. Needless to say, I gave him the money on the spot and within 3 days it was installed and working.

I don’t know how other business stay in business with poor customer service. It really goes far with me! I did by the way email the district manager of the first place and told them that their service cost them the sale.

Just like you for instance. You always give advice without looking at your profits. Sure, I know you make money, but it always seems like the advice is free and that my friend will take you a long way into the future with customers. You never “shove” a product down someone’s throat just so you can make some $$.

We both have something in common in that respect.

Thanks again and keep up the good customer service!

Sincerely, Danny R. Price

Hi Danny,

Thanks for the email. You’re right, I never try to “shove” products on anyone.

Here’s the way I see it…

There are two kinds of people who sign up for my list.

Those who signed up solely to get the FREE Black Mold Report, and then get angry because I offer them additional help at a price. These people then send me hate-mail, accusing me being out to make a buck, telling me how everything should be fr^ee on the internet (like the guy who sent the next email I’ll share with you).

Give me a friggen break!



By the way, if you fit into this category, feel free to opt-out of my list right now (just use the link at the bottom of this email). I don’t have the time or inclination to deal with you. So don’t waste my time!


Then there’s people like yourself who honestly want my help, and that’s why I keep this project going.

I get great satisfaction from helping you, in fact I thrive on it. I’ll bend over backwards to do everything I can to help people like yourself.


You are emailing the wrong person pal! I am indeed a contractor and I can tell you I don’t work like this!! The thing is this: GOOD contractors are always booked up (I am until at least the end of the summer)so I guess you either have to be willing to wait, or deal with the others. By the way, your e-mails are really annoying, so please take us off of your list! You talk about customer service, all you do is try to sell shit — what about junk e-mail!!


Steve, I took you off the list as requested.

Sounds like I may have hit a nerve though. If you don’t do business like the guys I ran into, what are you getting all upset for?

Seems you’d be glad that I’m telling people how to find good contractors like yourself.

Go figure!


Well, Kevin, it doesn’t seem right. I sent you an email sometime ago and never received a response.

A dear friend of mine discovered that her feminine hygiene apparatus was full of black mold and she had been using it. I asked you to contact me will any possible health concerns that she should have and if there is some course of action she should take.

This is a serious question and I NEED a serious response.

Maybe I should just chalk it up to poor customer service and unsubscribe from your site.

But no, I will ask again. She needs this information from someone that knows the potential risks to her health regarding the introduction of Black Mold spores into her body. Can you please answer this email?

Mindy Furrh Jay


As you can imagine, I receive hundreds of emails every day, which means that I don’t have time to answer all of them.

If you’ve browsed my site, you should know that I am NOT a medical expert. Therefore I’m not qualified to answer your question.

I did recently host a teleseminar with Dr. Andrew Campbell, who is one of only four doctors in the entire country who specializes in this field. If you didn’t take part in this opportunity to get your medical questions answered, be sure to keep an eye out for future teleconferences.

The next one is just a few weeks away. If you need help with mold, and you haven’t yet taken advantage of this service, do so now!

It’s only $3.97 this month!

Go here and register immediately!


Hello Kevin!

Hope you have time to answer my question this time ‘coz on my last e-mail I never got an answer from you.

How long does it take for a mold to grow? Does it grow in 2 weeks or longer?

Thank you for your taking time.


Yvonne, Mold will begin growing in 48 hours or less.



Can I ask you a question?

Have you ever received any money from insurance companies either in advertisement or in any other way? Or, Have you recieved any money from “industry” such as homebuilders, landlords, commercial builders ect….for either advertisement or in any other way? This includes lobbiest of those entities and “associates” of those enteties. Thank you for your honesty.

Terri Framel


That’s an interesting question, and one I’ve never been asked before.

The answer is no, but I’m curious, given my no nonsense approach to this whole issue, what made you think that I may have received monies from any of these entities?


(Here’s Terri’s reply)

Just curious. My research has shown that many have “some” type of involvement in industry. And, if they don’t when they started, at some point they change. And we know the only answers the industry wants are what relieves them of any liability or expense. The truth is NOT what they are seeking. I wish things were different in this world, but they are not.

Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your email. I have forwarded your email to others. Most things I agree with, some things I don’t. But on a whole, I have enjoyed all your emails and comments. I can tell you are passionate about what you talk about and that is good.

Keep up the good work. Remember, lives are at stake and you are a part of those lives that have come to you and that you deal with daily. I believe you care about that.

I believe God works through those who’s heart is in the right place. Take care. God bless you, your business, and your family.


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