When it comes to black mold, most people have a lot of misunderstandings.

While the story I’m about to tell is quite entertaining, it’s also very informative.

I was down in Tampa visiting my good friend Matt when he told me this story about a misunderstanding he had with his 3-year old son, Frank.

Matt and his wife were getting ready to go visit his parents, and to make things just a little easier on themselves, they decided to stop at Wendy’s for dinner on the way.

They ordered chicken nuggets for Frank.

As it turned out, Frank really liked em.

A few weeks later, they had gone out to eat dinner at a family restaurant (TGI Friday’s I believe).

When asked what he wanted for dinner, Frank said “chicken nuggets”.

But once the waitress brought their dinner to the table, Frank felt that something was amiss.

He immediately announced that what the waitress brought him was indeed NOT chicken nuggets.

Of course Matt knew better, but the more he tried to convince his son Frank that the meal on his plate was indeed chicken nuggets, the more Frank resisted.

You see, since Frank already had chicken nuggets in the past, he had already formed an opinion as to what chicken nuggets were, and now that his opinion was being challenged, he was resisting.

And to be honest, it’s no different with us.

Even as adults, we have this mistaken philosophy that the first thing we learn about a subject is right, and anything we hear thereafter must be false.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Let me give you a personal example.

I’m about ready to turn 39 (on July 26th).

When I was in high school, back in the early 80’s, I distinctly remember my teachers telling me that the way to be successful in life was to go to college, study hard and get a good education. That way I’d be able to get a great job that would last me the rest of my life.

My teachers had no reason to lie to me, so I believed them.

But over the course of the last 20+ years, I’ve found this advice to be totally wrong.

In fact, I’ve lost track of the amount of jobs I had.

You can probably relate.

How many jobs have you worked in during the course of your life?

In case you ain’t noticed, things have changed.

In this day and age, I venture to say that none of us will work for one company our entire life.

What used to be true years ago, is no longer true.

While my teachers may have meant well, the advice they gave me was incorrect. And the sad thing is, many people still swear by this advice to this day.

I tell you this to make a very important point.

Like the story of Frank, and what my teachers told me years ago, most of what you’ve heard or been told about black mold is also incorrect.

How can I be so sure you ask.

Because I talk to people just like you on a daily basis, and I’m constantly amazed by what I hear.

Things like:

“Mold won’t grow in my area of the country.”

“I can clean mold with bleach.”

“I don’t have any mold in my home cause I keep it clean.”

Unfortunately, these statements are all wrong!

And if you thought they were true, you’ve received some bad information.

And depending on where you’re at right now, like Frank, you may have misconceptions that need to be addressed before they present a problem for you.

So here’s what you do…

Ask yourself the following three questions:

1. Have I been getting my information from the most reliable sources? (hint: family, friends and media are not reliable sources)

2. Is it possible that I may have been misinformed (intentionally or unintentionally)?

3. Do I want to risk being misinformed?

Now that you’ve answered these questions, your next step is very clear, isn’t it.

As you now realize…

Much of what you’ve heard about black mold is dead wrong. And if you continue believing these myths, you’ll continue to make bad decisions (based on bad information).

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