Amazing Photos Are Proof Positive That You Can Clean Mold Yourself!

Dear Friend,

If you have mold stains that need cleaning, the information and photos I’m about to reveal, are guaranteed to give you the help you’ve been looking for.

But, before I go on, I need to set the stage for you.

I’ve been in the cleaning and restoration business since 1996.

I started the Get Mold Solutions project in 2000, to help consumers like yourself better understand black mold and how to deal with it.

Now that this site has become the number one internet mold resource, I’m constantly bombarded by companies who want me to recommend their products to my clients and subscribers.

Unfortunately, many of these products are useless. I know because I’ve tested them in my own business.

In order for me to recommend a product, I’ve got to know that it works, especially when I back all of my recommendations with a 100% money-back guarantee.

And I have to admit…


If It Weren’t For The Photos Below, I Wouldn’t Even Be Talking With You Right Now!


Here’s what happened.

A couple years back, I get a call from this guy Dave after he saw this website. Turns out he’s a sales rep. Right away he starts telling me about this “amazing” cleaning product for mold stains.

The whole time I’m thinking to myself, “yeah right, another salesman, how can I get this guy off the phone?”

He could tell I wasn’t very excited, and he was right. I mean give me a break; I get these calls all the time.

In a last ditch effort he asked if I’d let him email me some information about the product and I agreed. But honestly I just wanted to get rid of him and get on with my day.

He sent the information to me that afternoon, but I didn’t even get around to looking at it for several weeks. I left his email sitting in my inbox for almost a month, and on several occasions I even thought about deleting it.

What a mistake that would have been!

I was absolutely amazed when I opened his email and found the photos he’d sent.


These Photos Were Incredible!


Like I said before, I get tons of product reps contacting me on a regular basis. But none of them had ever sent me photos like these.



A close-up of a flour processing mill which was cleaned with Mold Stain Cleaner on the left side and ammonia on the right. After eight months of operation with no additional cleaning, the area continued to remain clear of mold and mildew stains.  

A sample wall at a mill before cleaning.



One year after initial cleaning with no further treatment, still prevented
mold and mildew stains from returning!



This terrace area is quite moldy and dingy


But after cleaning it looks like new


The left side of this planter is overgrown with mold, but the right side looks almost new after being cleaned



A hot tub cover – left side prior to cleaning, and right side after cleaning


As you can imagine, once I saw these photos, I was scrambling to get back in touch with Dave. I sent him an email, but within an hour I hadn’t heard back from him, so I called his office and the secretary put me through.

As soon as he answered the phone I said, “Dave, this is Kevin Thompson with the Get Mold Solutions website. These photos are absolutely incredible! Is there any way you can send me some of your product so I can put it to the test on one of my restoration jobs?”

After getting over the initial shock of hearing back from me, Dave said he’d get me some of the product ASAP.

As soon as the product was delivered to my office, I made arrangements to take it out on the job and give it a trial run.

But I’ve gotta be honest…

Even though I’d seen the photos (and the proof was right in front of me), I was still a little bit skeptical. Since being in the industry I’d never found anything like this.

But, to make a long story short, it worked better than anything I’d ever used in the past.

Do You Want Results Like This?

I was so impressed with this mold cleaning product that I had to try it in my own home.

You see, I had an ongoing moisture problem in my home’s master bath and it was a major source of irritation for me. Especially since I was in the Cleaning & Restoration industry. I’d already tried every product under the sun and even installed a high-power fan to try and fix the problem, but nothing seemed to work.

Now keep in mind, to get rid of black mold, and prevent future mold growth you must find and repair the source of the moisture problem before you begin the cleaning process. I knew that the high humidity in the bathroom was causing the problem, but I couldn’t fix it.

As you can imagine, this moisture problem caused a ton of mold growth and I had to clean the bathroom walls every 2-3 weeks just to keep it under control.

I decided to give this new state-of-the-art product a try since it worked so well on the job for me. But to be honest, I wasn’t holding my breath because I knew I had on ongoing humidity problem.

I knew this stuff was great for cleaning mold stains, because I’d already been field-testing it with great results. But would it work in this situation?

Well, the results are in…

Since using this product to clean the mold, it hasn’t been back since, even though the bathroom has an ongoing moisture problem.

Now that’s amazing!

I’ve shared my experience with every one of my clients here in the Seattle area. And if you’ve been on any of my “live” tele-seminars you’ve also heard about my success with this product.

But here’s the best part.

Everyone else has had the same results, and they saved a ton of money in the process.

You Can Use This Mold Cleaner For An Isolated Area, Or To Treat Your Entire Home

If you have only a small area of mold that needs to be treated, such as a bathroom like mine, the clean up will be a snap for you.

Simply pour the product into a spray bottle, apply to the affected areas and use a cloth to remove the mold.

Like I mentioned before, it’s been months since I used it in my own home, and the mold still hasn’t been back.

If you need to treat your entire home, the process is a little bit different.

Instead of using a spray bottle, you’ll want to apply the product with a fogger because it will save you a ton of time.

To fog a 2000 square foot home will only take about 4 hours. One gallon of cleaning product covers 400 square feet in a normal 8′ ceiling home. For attics, 1 gallon covers 200 square feet. Depending on your situation, you may save thousands in remediation. And you won’t need to remove drywall unless there’s a suspected moisture problem in the wall cavity behind.

The fogger offers you the safest, quickest way to rid your home, business, storage, laundry rooms etc. of mold stains and odors. It holds a half gallon of cleaning product.

The product itself is odorless and non-toxic and can be used on almost any surface that has mold and mildew stains: tile, wallpaper, wall vinyl, drapes, carpet, ceiling tiles, patios, decks, walkways, stucco, even HVAC coils and filters – any surface that is washable with water.

It’s 100% environmentally safe and biodegradable. It is USDA accepted and Generally Regarded as Safe according to CFR21 Sections 174-184. The product doesn’t require the use of protective equipment, but if you’re sensitive to mold, you’ll want to use protective clothing, gloves and goggles.

Close all windows and doors. Open all closets, cupboards, drawers, etc. Place fogger on a 4′ ladder in center of the room. For a room 12’x15′ with 8′ ceiling allow approximately 12 minutes. In rooms with higher ceilings allow 2 to 3 min. longer.

In order to achieve an even treatment; turn the fogger 1/4 turn every 3-4 minutes.

Move furniture and beds so you can spray all areas that fogger is unable to reach. Remove any paper products so they don’t get damp. The product won’t harm any material in your home, and is safe to use around plants and animals.

After fog disappears, open windows, but leave doors to that room closed, so you don’t re-contaminate the room with mold spores from other areas in the home. Wipe dry all surfaces like wood, furniture, mirrors and leather. Allow other contents to dry naturally.



This fogger is used to treat your home for mold

How To Choose The Right Tools For Your Mold Cleaning Job

Now that you know how to successfully clean mold stains and get rid of odors in your home or building, determine how much of the cleaning product you’ll need based on your square footage.

As I mentioned earlier, one gallon covers 400 square feet in rooms with 8’ ceilings and the same gallon covers 200 square feet in attics. The product comes in concentrated form, which saves you even more money.

Then decide whether you’ll want to use a fogger. For smaller jobs a spray bottle will work fine, but for larger jobs you’ll want to use a fogger because it will save you a ton of time. You can get one from a Cleaning & Restoration distributor in your area, or you can get it right here. I’ll probably save you money because I’m able to offer them for just $299.95.

I even protect your investment with my 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not happy with the product (for any reason), return the unused portion and I’ll give you a full refund, NO questions asked. That’s how confident I am in its performance!

And now that you’ve seen the photos, I’m sure you understand why.



Kevin Thompson
The Nation’s Mold Solutions Expert

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