“If You Don’t Find Out The Legal Pitfalls Landlords Face When It Comes To Toxic Mold And How To Protect Your Real Estate Investment, You’ll Find Yourself In Financial Ruin, Overnight!”

Dear Friend,

Improperly handling a mold situation can cause monumental legal nightmares. This in-depth course offered by my good friend and industry expert, Marvin Fleschman, gives you the information you need to protect your assets.

You’ll also get a “Written Remediation Plan” that fulfills the new INSURANCE COMPANY MOLD-PREVENTION REQUIREMENTS.

The information, opinions, and recommendations in this course are based on the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and New York City Department of Health Mold Remediation Guidelines. Unlike most other speakers on this subject who represent remediation companies, building contractors, or testing labs, the ONLY thing Marvin offers is knowledge.

“Who Is Marvin Fleschman, What Makes Him The EXPERT And
Why Do You Need To Listen To Every Word He Says?”

• Marvin is a Property Management Consultant, popular Lecturer, and Teacher in Southern California to such groups as Apartment Associations, Real Estate Agents, Realtor Associations, L.A. County Dept. of Health Services, L.A. Systematic Code Enforcement Unit, and Management Companies
• He holds a Certified Apartment Property Supervisor designation from the National Apartment Association
• He’s a member of the Southern California Health and Housing Council
• He’s the owner of single family homes and apartment properties
• He’s managed his own properties and those of others for 20 years
• He’s a “HUD Designated Lead-Safe Work Practices Trainer,” and graduate of HUD/EPA lead inspection/hazard assessment training
• He’s considered Southern California ‘s leading educator on the Lead Laws.
• He’s the author of many articles dealing with day-to-day problems encountered in managing residential property
• He serves as an Expert Witness in lawsuits related to residential rental property
• He’s an instructor for the California Apartment Association Management (CCRM) and Maintenance (CCMT) Designation programs.
• Marvin makes very serious subjects understandable and entertaining. He’ s presented this 3-hour course live all across Southern California . Now you have the opportunity to get this vital information in the comfort of your own home, and at your convenience.

“Here’s Just Some Of The Must Have Information That’s Revealed On This Video”

What is mold?

When is it harmful?

How can it be prevented?

What is the landlord’s responsibility?

How to visually inspect the extent of a mold problem

How to diagnose the cause of the problem

When is testing necessary?

How to safely remove mold contamination from your property

What protective equipment to use

What remediation can be done safely at the handyman level

Why cleaning alone may not cure the problem

When should a professional be brought in?

A plan of action to deal with mold complaints by your tenant

How to calm your tenants and avoid a lawsuit

How to educate your tenants to prevent mold growth

And Much More?

“Don’t Risk Certain Financial Ruin When It’s So Easily Avoided”

I know you’ll agree that we’re living in an extremely litigious society. So don’t wait until one of your tenants decides to sue you and take everything you own.

I hope you understand the value of this information, BEFORE it’s too late.

Get this information NOW and protect your investment!

I look forward to helping you, and so does Marvin.

Kevin Thompson
The Nation’s Mold Solutions Expert

P.S. – If you don’t feel this information is worth 7 times the price you invested, I want you to send it back for an immediate no questions asked, 100% refund.

Landlords “Mold Buster” Video With Forms – $169.95

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