Hundreds Of Testimonials

Dear Friend,

If you’re like me, I know you’re skeptical about
doing business on the internet. That’s a reasonable
attitude to have, especially in today’s world. That’s
also why I put these comments together for you, so
you could see that I really am “for real.”

The comments below are from clients who are actually
using the “Wipe Out Mold Now System” with great success.

Many of them were skeptical at first. But with nothing to
loose with my Risk-Free Guarantee, they decided to
give it a try… and discovered that it actually worked.

You’ll notice that these are not anonymous comments and letters,
but remarks from “real” clients who have experienced “real” results.

Feel free to browse this page and hear their stories. Then
decide for yourself if the “Wipe Out Mold System” is for you.

When you’re finished you can order online by Going Here or you can call me at 360-435-4508.


Kevin Thompson
The Nations Mold Solutions Expert


Dear Kevin, I was the most skeptical, suspicious person you’ve probably ever met. I never buy anything online. Thank God I decided to break my own rule and give your system a try. It has no doubt changed my life.
Robert Gage, Truckee, CA

A great big thanks! After using the Wipe Out Mold System, my health has improved 100%. I would have never thought it was possible.
Ralph Benton, Conway, SC


Your system was a great investment. I did a ton of research on the internet over the last 5 months, picking up all the free stuff I could. I hesitated in getting your system because I didn’t think it would really help me that much. Was I ever wrong. THANKS!
Brain Preston, Augustine, FL

My wife and I purchased your system about 45 days ago and have since used it to regain our health. Your program has been so helpful that I practically sleep with it. In part your program confirmed my beliefs about the danger of mold, but more importantly it has shown me how to protect my family from this serious health threat.
Rex Deangelo, Lewisburg, TN


Other information offered online is just a scaled down version of your system. You give more ready-to-use consumer friendly information than anything else I’ve come across. There’s nothing else on the market like it.
Bruce Campbell, Denton, TX

I want to say thanks for all the effort you put into helping me use your excellent system, especially your genuine personal interest and follow through. It has been a life changing experience, thanks to you.
Bonnie Wigren, Bloomington, MN


I had been dealing with a mold problem for the last 2 years. It had really taken a toll on my body and my health was declining. I had almost given up hope, until I called and got your information. It might have seemed a bit more than I wanted to spend on something, but I am so proud I did. Kevin, this is an awesome system and anyone can use it.
Carolyn Tinsley, Moorpark, CA

I’m a member of your group who has not been able to use all of your system yet because of my time schedule. About the only tool I have used is the video you included. But this alone allowed me to find the hidden toxic mold in my home and get it repaired.
Pat Froberg, Lancaster, OH


I must tell you that I purchased the Mold System some time back and am amazed at how you continue to stay in touch and keep me informed after my purchase. Usually once a sale is made, you never hear back from the company. This alone sets you apart from everyone else.
Russell Drake, Chico, CA

I have gotten my life back thanks to this site. It’s been a huge weight lifted off my shoulders! Thanks again.
Erika – Redlands, CA


Subscribing to this report gave me the courage and the tools to handle the problem on my own and rid my home of mold.
Lisa – Houston,TX

I am an educator, teaching construction materials and methods, in a Construction Management Program, at Purdue University. My interest in mold is based on the problems facing the industry, and educating the future construction managers and owners about the problem. Thank you for the newsletter, I will be using your website often (my students will too).
Dale Koehler
Associate Professor
Purdue University

I am a director of a local association which has 116 families. We live in a gated community of nine associations. Your reports were forwarded to 4 other directors of our association plus the Presidents of the other eight associations. Your report will impact 800 families as each association’s officers now have a better understanding of the mold problem, it provided everything that we need right now. I will tell others about it as well.
Roger Randell – Bonita Springs, Florida

Thank you very much for your reports and newsletters. I have really appreciated them. I am from Waretown,New Jersey. All the information you sent was extremely informative and helpful. I am a public adjuster and do lots of inspections on houses and recently I saw a house that was full of black mold that was tested and resulted in a penicillin mold. The home owners has gotten sick and moved out of the house. The carpets have been removed and they have a leak someplace and no one can find it. Everything in the house is white and very beautiful and it is just awful. This has been going on for about 15 months. I don’t know the outcome of this problem, but it is in the hands of attorneys. I did forward your reports to the person who sponsored me to become a public adjuster and he thoroughly enjoyed them all too. After I looked at the house with the mold I went on the internet and saw your site and that is how I learned of your reports. Both of us certainly did benefit from your reports and your updates and do appreciate them. Good luck for you are doing a great job.
Carole Dunster – New Jersey

I found your site to be very helpful in both identifying mold and remediation of same. I am a home builder and sometimes the weather here in Houston lends to the growth of certain types of mold and that is not anything that I want my home buyers to worry about. Anytime I come across something that presents as mold I check your site before anything else.

While our home buyers (hopefully) will never need to know about remediation jobs during construction, I feel much better knowing where to go to get the required information. And, one of the people that I shared information with (and your website) is a home buyer and, he too was glad that such concise information was available. It not only lets me do a better job at taking care of his investment, it helped to put his mind at ease.

Thanks for such a great site and keep those mold reports coming!!!
K. Jones – Houston, Tx

Hi Kevin,
I wanted to add another comment for you. Earlier I didn’t really explain why I was worried re: possible mold in a section of wall that had a slight bulge to it & no discernable odor. Most people wouldn’t give it a second thought & I wouldn’t have except I’ve got mold paranoia. This is due to the fact that the first house my brother moved into 20 years back in Mill Valley (Marin County) had a bad mold problem throughout the whole house. It aggravated a health problem that his wife had, so they had to move out. I’ll be sure to mention your website to anyone who thinks they’re dealing with a mold issue. Keep up the good work.
Jeff Prendergast

The Toxic Mold report was excellent and a lot of help for me in my business. I am a Certified Environmental Manager in the great State of Nevada and will no doubt be confronted with questions sometime in my career. Your great informational program will I am sure be a great resource for me. I will be forwarding this information to others that are involved in safety and environmental issues. there is so much to learn in our business, and people like you are a true asset. You have done some real research into this mold issue and it is great of you to be passing this information on to others. I would be interested in attending some of the mold teleseminars when they are available. Please let me know when they will be on line or whatever media they will be presented in. I plan to be involved in mold remediation in the near future, so your information will be a great source of information for me. The Toxic Newsletter is something I will be looking forward to receiving. Again, thanks for the information, it’s been really valuable.
Al Loewe – Nevada

I heard of your site from local “TV” news program – CBS affiliate. Your report series is very informative. I have benefited from your site and I will tell others about it.
Bill – Memphis, Tennessee

I have been on the Internet now for 6 Months,and have un-subscribed to almost every news letter and offer I have had come my way, that is until I happened upon your site. Thank you. I’m a Visual Designer in homes and I will be printing out or saving every bit of info I’m sent from you and sharing them with all. I have been in sales for 20 plus years now and I must say you definately have me sold, and the funny thing , what are you selling? Home safety? Thank you again.
Cheryl – Colorado

Hello Kevin, you have been most helpful and the reason I moved from the building I was living in. I have copied all of the information you sent me in 2002 and gave it to the landlord and to the courts. It was a big help! You really know your stuff. I hope that more people will take this subject seriously and realize that undetected mold can be a silent killer. My health problems have cleared up since I’ve moved, and once again I want to thank you for all your help with this matter.
Christina C

We had a mold problem and got it cleared up, but since we did have the situation, I wanted to get more information, that’s why I investigated many of the internet accesses including yours. Your information has really helped us. You are offering a great service that anyone who’s dealing with mold will benefit from. Thank you for your efforts.
Sonia – Glendale, AZ

Hi Kevin,

I had written to you a while back with some questions which you graciously answered and the final result is that we opted out of a pending home purchase because the owners refused to remediate a mold problem they had. But, we are closing on better, mold-free home this Friday so all’s well! Thanks for all your help and advice over the past few months. It has been invaluable!
Griffin Gardner – Los Angeles, CA

We bought an investment house which had a mold problem. The series of reports helped us understand what caused the mold, how to stop the water leak, how to clean the mold and how to test. We found a small area with Stachy and Penicillum (by using a test kit), but once we thoroughly cleaned using the EPA and other guidelines from your website and reports, the last air samples were negative for mold. THANK YOU!!!
Denise Hulslander – Asheville, N.C.

Your information was helpful in getting facts. As an R.N who has 2 teenage daughters in school I have started an organization called Mothers Against Mold (MAM). I work at a medical office where we treat people who have been exposed to mold. They need help and the numbers are growing. Presently I have written a bill for Congress for mold asking for mold remediation funds. Your report series has been a great source of information. Thank you for your help!
Christine Lyszczasz R.N.

I just want to thank you very much for the help you folks have been already. With your help, we’ve cleaned up the mold and are in the process of tiling, and hope we don’t get the mold anymore. Thanks again!
Walter Friesen – Abbotsford B.C.

I received your information to give to a friend in Gasport, New York that had a mold problem in her home. After she read your first two letters, she took your advice and called her insurance company. They discovered that the company who winterized the home forgot the drain from the washing machine. I thought your information was very helpful and have put it in my favorites so I can share it with others.
B. Seefeldt – Lockport NY

I live in McAllen, Texas where there has been a predominate number of lawsuites filed against homeowner insurance companies because of mold. In fact in the entire Rio Grande Valley location which covers a the tip of South Texas. I am a victim of insurance non-renewal from Farmers–of which is now being sued by the State of Texas–Republican politics–of which Farmers of Texas itself donated $70,000 to our Governor, Rick Perry.

Your information helped tremendously–I have intended to forward this to my friend, Dr. Bill Wilkenson from the University of Texas at Brownville–who became gravely ill-and discovered it was his leaky a/c. I will follow up on forwarding to my friend.
Nashla Showery – McAllen, Texas

I was looking for information on mold to pass onto clients and insurance students. Your information was thorough, well presented and very helpful. I forwarded it to 30 other agents in our office and to some clients.
Dave Dehart – Oregon

I recently purchased a home. After approximately 2 weeks, my animals became ill with symptoms of runny noses, chewing their skin, pulling out their fur and lethargy. My veterinarian tested the dogs for everything imaginable and after many diagnostic tests and 5 weeks later determined they were symptomatic of airborne allergies. The animals were put on steroids and once the medication was finished they again became symptomatic. The steroids only masked the problem at hand. I frantically began searching the house for anything that could be causing such a reaction and in tearing down the finished basement discovered several types of mold. I contacted the mold inspectors who estimated a price for clean up and lab testing. It was enormous. They offered information of what several molds presented in health hazards but no methods of self- cleaning. In a panic for the safety of my animals and myself, I began searching the internet for information. I found your site to be the most informative and helpful. Because of the information you have posted, I felt confident in my approach and what steps needed to be taken to ensure the safety of all of us. Your information allowed me to take a course of action in protecting my family. I’ve recommended your site to at least 40 people. I think you’re doing a wonderful job.
Marian – Pensylvania

We are in the process of making a website to educate the public. If you have any advice in this venture, we appreciate any and all. Your website stands out in the many that I have viewed to give important to the point information. I hope you will allow us to use your website as a link……..will talk more on this in the future.
Denise Robinette-Karpinia
Palm Beach County Florida

Your site has been very informative for me and my daughter in particular. She is living in Florida and having a terrible mold problem at the new Apt complex she moved in to last March. She had it tested last wee the tests came back positive for 2 types of mold and the count is 8 times what the outside air is. The Apt. manager has not cleaned or responded to this matter and my daughter has retained a lawyer in hopes of resolving this problem. I have forwarded your reports and she has printed all of them out and we thank you for them.

Hello Kevin,

I am a 35 year old woman who’s had asthma since birth. My husband and I signed a contract on our first house last month. This contract was based on the home inspection. My real estate agent said if the inspector found anything wrong with the house we could get out of the contract and get our $1000.00 good faith deposit back. As soon as the inspector said there was mold in the attic (which was two bedrooms), “I said I want out”. Then, my real estate agent said, “Diane, you are being “rash!”. He said I have to give them a chance to fix the problem. I wanted out regardless of them fixing it. I went home, got on the internet and found your site. I printed off the web about a skein of paper and took it to my real estate agent. I wrote a letter asking the seller for my deposit back and a letter stating I wanted out of the contract. Ten days later I received my check in the mail and a signed release out of the contract. Thanks for your help.
Diana – Rosedale, Maryland

Your report has helped to give me peace of mind in dealing with a mold problem in a house we are trying to purchase, and revealed that this is NOT a problem to be unexpected in newer homes.
Dawn Macke – Jackson, Mississippi

This is a tremendous service. I appreciate you taking care of people that don’t even live in your state! This shows that you are truly concerned for individuals and not just the pursuit of the sale.
Rusty Gates – Lancaster, TX

The reports gave me a lot of information. Information that I didn’t know anything about. It was very informative. I have already told several people at work and have sent the letters to four different people.
Luis – Lincoln, Nebraska

Thanks a million! I can already see how much I have to learn about indoor air quality. I am brought to this realization in part because all three of my children suffer from allergies, as well as myself. I really appreciate the information you have sent me. Today’s report about chemicals in the home comes as a real eye opener for me!
Julie MacDonnell – Colorado

I can’t thank you enough! You offer some wonderful solutions. May all of your good come flowing back to you in abundance! I know it will. Thank you sincerely.
H. Davies

Thank you Kevin for the information regarding Mold and Fungus. I have lived in an apartment building that has been having plumbing problems for the last 7 to 8 years. I am a disabled individual and am fortunate to have a Service Dog to help me function. I have now developed a Vestibular Nerve problem and seem to be getting worse. I get blisters on my bottom eyelids and bloody nose problems periodically. Then 5 days ago, my Service Dog came down with a major cough. I, of course, rushed him to the Vet and he has been diagnosed with an Acute Bronchitis Infection. His Vet has advised me to take him out of my apartment in that this problem can be caused from spores in the air. I have now hired a Mold Inspector to take tests. My Apartment Manager has threatened me with eviction. I have now hired an attorney to take over this matter.

Kevin, your free report on the Internet is very useful. I am now not allowing my granddaughter to come visit me until the test are returned from the lab.

This report is just what I was looking for, thanks Kevin! You are to be commended on your efforts.
Dwayne Hartman

Kevin, thank you for the wonderful report. I built a home in Corbin, Ky 5 years ago! What a NIGHTMARE this house has been, I hate it !!!!!!!!!!

I forwarded this report on to my cousin in Michigan. Their basement leaks as does mine. I have alot of (Black-Mold) in my basement now, and it concerns me and my husband. The insurance company is going to fix it for us I hope. Your report was very helpful to us all! Keep up the good work!
Kathy Hubbs – Michigan

I’m an Air Quality Specialist in Indiana and I really appreciate the free series. Good Information!
Steve Plough – Indiana

I really just wanted to compare what your report said with what I learned in a mold remediation certification class I took. It ran along the same lines. I found it informative and very interesting. I do net searches at night for different subjects on mold and mold remediation to supplement what I’ve learned so I can better serve our client base.
Gary Saunders – Indiana

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your free report series. You’ve really put a lot of work into this project and it’s the best I’ve seen so far. You’re really doing something good here.

Thank you so much for all your information and your TIME doing so! I am so scared that I have mold in my house, or under the house that I am scared to death. My Mom just passed away with a lung condition that the Dr. has NO idea where it came from and I am living in her house now, sleeping right where she did, beside a panel that goes to the tub pipes in the back of there. Mold SPOTS, and LOTS of them are forming. I have called our municipal utility company and they said there was NO way it could be IN the water, that it HAD to be airborn! I live in Owensboro, Ky, and there is no such place to call for help. I called the Health dept. and they said, (very hatefully) that they had NO program for mold! I have appreciated ALL the info that you have been sending me!
Judy Campbell – Owensboro, KY

Dear Kevin,

I recently started a company which specializes in mold clean-up. Like many people I was a victim of indoor air polution. Your information was very helpful. With your permission I would like to use some of your information in my brochure. I will list your company as a credit for information along with your website. I think what your doing is wonderful. If we can make everyone aware of the situation it will save many people from getting sick or even from dying. Please let me know. Thank you.
Lisette Guillen-Johnson

I was interested in your information on mold since I do Home Inspections, and wanted to get additional info. I shared this information with a client who has a problem with selling his house because of a discovered mold problem. I feel it was very complete and will be using some of your comments in my report to home owners. I would be interested to hear more of your personal findings and what I should be looking for during my home inspections. Thanks for being so helpful.
Joel Schachter PE – New York City

This is one complete report and you pretty much covered it all. I’ve learned so much and want to thank you for all the time you invested in an effort to do this for people. Again, thank you for the education.
Tedde Davis – Lebanon, Ohio

Thank you for the useful information, it’s very helpful. I also appreciate the time and effort you put into the newsletter.
Richard Rush

Everyone I gave or sent copies of your reports to, were amazed about the damage mold and mildew can cause, as well as all the everyday things around the house. Made a few start cleaning things up. Thanks for the great information.
Dixie – Iowa

I live in southwest Virginia. I am a Realtor who is always in need of information on toxic issues. I needed more information on mold and how to get rid of it. You gave some good information that I was able to pass on to my buyers. I think that your series is great and would like to have permission to send others to you for information.
Shirley – Virginia

I was looking to find out more about how to protect me and my family from from dangerous elements that reside or take residence in homes. Thank you very much for the thorough report series as well as the newsletter. I really appreciated the story from the lady in Texas who had the problem with the company supposedly removing mold from her home. I empathized with her. I think you’re doing a WONDERFUL job of keeping the public informed. Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s truly helpful information to the layperson. As a fairly new homeowner, the information from you has been a tremendous blessing.
Patricia – Minneapolis, MN

I’m from Colorado and We do inspections for Secton 8. The molds situation has gotten so bad and HUD has not done anything about this and I thought your information would give them the idea of how toxic mold is, when we do inspections we see black molds and cannot fail the unit because it is not a reg from HUD. We hear about children being very sick all year long and then we see black mold and we can only ask them to clear it up themselves. Your report has helped me to better understand a lot of issues. I have given copies to all the Housing Authorities we do inspections for and have talked with some Landlords and Managers. I’ve also given them copies of the 8 reports. I myself is allegeric to mold, so I can smell it as soon as I’m in the unit.
Patricia – Colorado

I want to thank you so much for the valuable information. You’re really doing some good here. I wish there were more people in the world who were so willing to share and help others like you are.
Georgia Flemming – Anaheim, CA

My fiance and I moved into this duplex November, 2001 because at that time it was the only place we could afford. We did work on the place in trade for our deposit. Basically the place was a garage remodel, which was made into a duplex of approximently 900 sq. ft. In January 2002 we started noticing the plumbing in the kitchen was leaking, and we thought maybe it was just a simple thing to fix. My fiance is a contrator in building homes yet he knows nothing about plumbing. When dropping off our rent we gave our landlord a written letter telling him about the leak and other things, and we needed to get them fixed. He ignored our letter and refused to do anything to help us. The leak continued to get worse and the smell of mold did also. Not knowing what would come of it, the mold that is, we continued to live in here and I started becoming ill. First headaches, then sinus problems, upper resportory and then aches and pains all over. Now it has lodged itself in my intestines to where I’m constantly feeling like I have the flu. I’m tired all the time and never truly feel like eating. We called a plumber last week to come in and try to fix the leak, which we think he did, but we know there is major amounts of mold in here. I really hope this letter is making sense. When the plummer called our landlord last week, he was totally rude to him and hung up on him. Then he came over and threatened us, because we had a plummer come in and fix the problem. He told us if we didn’t like it we were to move out and if we didn’t pay our rent, we were out. We are totally stuck here with no where to go. All I can say is that the first thing anyone should ever look into when they go to rent or buy is if there is, or ever was a mold problem.
Sincerly, Cheryl

I need to order an Airborne Kit. I live in apartments and since the June 8th floods in Texas, I have had 7 sinus infections. Since renovations are still happening here (after one year), I find I wake up feeling I am smothering. It’s a horrible sensation. I have to get up and walk in the night for the last several months. First and Second Floors were wiped-out, down the corridor on 3. The renovations over last month or so have exacerbated my problems.

I will tell ALL my patients about your service. I am PRINTING your report for the waiting room!!!
Patricia Looker, Clinical Psychotherapist

Hello Kevin,
My situation brought me to your web site looking to be informed about the dangers of mold “infestation.” I have no idea if you have any time to personally answer an email, but I will just put out my two cents in case it will further motivate you to keep up the good work you are doing. I appreciate your time and efforts to educate people about the hazards of molds. I will continue to inform myself in this process.

I very much appreciate your reports and they have been very helpful. I have to admit, I have not fully digested all the reports. I am owner of a roof consulting business and you probably know all too well the “information overload” we are all battling. This does not include your info, of course. I needed general information on mold for use in my home environment and of course to become aware of how leaking roofs and walls, etc., can create a potential for mold. The information was good and many questions answered. I am still reading and rereading your reports.
Mike Leavy – Morristown, New Jersey

I appreciate all this. I think that we do have a mold problem as I’m starting to get some of the symptoms. I now have a big bald spot with a lump in my head, it also itches. I’m also starting to get head aches more and more. I’m very concerned because I have children here as well. Please keep me informed.

Thanks for sharing this information with me. Because of it I’ve let the condo association test my apartment for mold. I suppose this would eventually help me to sell. They have notified everyone that they tested two other apartments and found mold, but they didn’t say which apartments or which variety of mold. I suspect these units are on the ground floor.

The condo association has also replaced the whole leaky roof and my balcony floor and has eliminated the mold (at great expense) in a ground floor apartment in my section–they must have replaced all the inside walls.

I looked up mould on the net and your site was by far the most informative and I thank you for that. I was hoping to find information about black mold and how to get rid of it. I did find the solutions. I was most afraid of the health risk. I learned alot from your reports and I’ve shared the information with my family.
Deb – Toronto

Thank you for your report. I really am having more of a problem with the association ignoring me and my ten year old as if we don’t exist. I have a mold problem and the mold is in the common area where I do my laundry…Yes..unfortunately I will have to take them to court. I really do not have the funds for an attorney. If you know of any for a great case in Property Law and all that that involves….on contingency…in Chicago, I would appreciate it. I need the help right now. To many folders to get to…Two surgeries I’ve had..and am in pain most of the time… Take care of yourself, and thank you Kevin.
Patty O’Neill – Chicago

I was looking for information on how to deal with the mold in the house and any dangers that the home might present our family. We found some of the answers that we were looking for. The report also gave us some pointers that allowed us to move forward with other solutions.
Steven – Stillwater, Minnesota

I personally really benefited from your series of envionmental issues and problems. I come from the medical field and it’s amazing how unaware people are. And even if they are aware of these issues, things are done incorrectly because of money, not for health or safety. A problemm for example, why are employees tested for TB and not incoming or new patients? Also duct work can be with in a building, (room to room) not outside to inside. Or inside to outside. And it doesn’t appear that duct work in institutions is ever cleaned. Some of my personal observations! I appreciated the information about water, air, dust, carpets, animal issues, etc. Keep up the good consumer awareness work. You make a difference!
Sandy Lewis

I recently purchased a home. It’s a repo HUD home and it has been vacant for almost two years. When we went down into the basement, you could smell that musty smell immediately and the carpeting that runs the length of the basement (at least 1400 sq ft) was wet. I took my sandals off and stuck my feet in the carpet and everything was wet. The water heater has a spigot attached, I know the children of the former owners vandalized the house after everyone moved out and I’m afraid they flooded the basement. The guys with me didn’t seem to think it was serious, they said the basement could be wet from just being a “basement” and I should set up some fans.

I have not purchased the home yet. It is a HUD buy so it’s taking forever. paperwork and all that. I already have been in the house twice (walking thru it with a realtor and a friend) and put down a $1,000.00 deposit. I’ve read the mail from your other subscribers, I do not want to give up this house because of possible mold. I know I will be getting rid of the carpet, oh and the walls are paneled too. That will also go. The basement does not have an outside access but the stairs go straight up to kitchen and straight out the back door for removal.

I’m worried now. I really want this house! I fell in love with it and now this possible mold problem. Again, let me emphasize I have not gotten it inspected yet but that is on the contract. HUD must send the paperwork to get all this started. I am hoping for the best, but worried.

Your report series has really helped me. Thanks again. And great web site. Keep up the good work.
Lori Erb – Harrisburg, PA

My husband and I have a lot of allergies and wanted to know how to clean up mold. And to see what effects that mold had on people. We have mold around our house. It get on the front porch also. the report that I downloaded and printed from your website is very informative and helpful. I will keep it in my files for future referrence as well. Thank you again for the very informative report.
Vera – Hohenwald, Tennessee

I am sending you feedback on the “Toxic Home Report”. I am from Willow Grove a suburb outside of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. I have been having quite a bit of medical problems and my brother was telling me about Mold in the home and so many of my symptoms were what he described to me. I was just begining my investigation and was not looking (at the time to find solutions) just information on what it is all about. But I got some great information from your report. I made a copy of the report and have shared it with neighbors, friends & relatives. (All were SHOCKED). I feel this report was wonderful and want to thank you for making it available.
Carol – Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

Some of my friends often have flue like symptom and often wondered if it’s to do with the living condition or emotional problems I want to offer them advice but don’t want to offer them wrong ones. I just forwarded your Toxic Home Report to them to see if that helps or at least they’ll be more knowledgeable about this matter. One friend actually called the mold specialist for her apartment and it was toxic, she and her daughter had to leave the apartment immediately. I’ve now shared your report with many more of my friends and my family as well. Thank you for the information.
Haley – Cypress, California

Hi Kevin, I am so happy I found your web sight. I live in Florida, where it’s very humid. My husband and I both suffer from allergies and asthma. Thanks again for all the information. I am learning so much.
Judi – Florida

I was looking for information on how to detect mold and what to do about it. Your report gave me exactly what I was looking for. We thought we might have some mold near the outside vents in the attic. We called a local company and they came to our home and took some samples. We haven’t gotten the written report as of yet. They did call and say there is a small amount of mold there and they would suggest that it be removed. We’ll know more when we get the written report. Thanks for all the help. Our daughter has been interested in your reports and has been reading them as well.
Barbara – Topeka, Kansas

I was looking for some type of cleaner for small colonies of mold, like spots on walls under sinks or behind toilet tanks etc. I am a home inspector and would like to share your report with my clients. Thanks for all the help.
Matthew – Mount Clemens, MI

Thank you so much for sending me the Toxic Home Report. I am a 58 year old white married female who was diagnosed with lung cancer eighteen months ago. The treatment was surgery. I did not have chemo or radiation. I seem to be doing pretty well…xrays, cat scans and blood tests have all been good. However, I live in Maryland and the pollution is very bad here. I never smoked, so I think the environment played a part in my lung cancer. Anyway, I am moving to Charleston, S.C. next month. The air quality is better there. The first house I bought in Charleston had mold. Fortunately, the second house…and the one that we are moving into does not have mold! It is on a lake and comes with a small swimming pool. I was particularly interested in your series because of my lung cancer and moving into a pre-owned home. I suspect that I have some allergies. I have found your reports very valuable.
Barbara – Maryland

We needed to learn how to clean carpets and walls of a home that has high concentrations of mold and what to look for when one has mold in the home. We found the information useful and learned from it all. At present we are working with a lawyer but there seems to be little we can do. We’ve had this home less than 10 months, and the mold we found was not just from 10 months. This was a pre existing problem but we seem to have no where to go for financial help. This means that we may have to cover the cost ($200,000) on our own. Perhaps how we could work to help prevent this problem for other homeowners.
Steven – Stillwater, Minnesota

I am a REALTOR very involved with the Attorney/Realtor Joint subcommittee trying to form legislation on mold issues in the State of Florida. I was a former lobbyist and started the Sexual Predator Registration Act in 1996 here so now that I’m a Realtor and have studied law (hobby of mine), I’d like to make a difference here. Have you read Leviticus? It’s funny how this has been around for more than 5000 years and as I’ve heard them say in various different seminars (two presenters using that example), “change the word Priest for indoor air quality specialist” and they really do address the concerns and EXACTLY (remediation) what you need to do about it.

I just attended an all day law symposium this past Thursday, so have been behind on my normal work activities. But will forward your report on to the entire subcommittee and some of the presenters. Glad you’re on top of things…I’ll make sure all of Florida is. I even know our current Governor personally (if he can stay in office).
Diana – Orlando, Florida


I found the report very informative. I was looking on the internet for information regarding mold removal for my parents, who have a decidedly mold problem in their home. My father has allergies which I believe are aggravated by the mold. I have given them all the e-reports you sent, as well as information from your web site on mold-removal products. I hope they will be contacting you soon. I would not hesitate to use your products if I had the same problem.
Debra Coffey – Branson, Missouri

I benefited from the report by having management of our apartment building procede with a mold test. Mold was previously visilible but an airborne mold test confirmed. Work of removal is starting immediately. Thank you!
Bob – Chaska, MN

I have been very sick since May. I work for a company that moved into a new building in April & since then I have had severe sinus, asthmatic, and fatigue problems. I underwent sinus surgery along with numerous antibiotic and steroid treatments. I still have an infection in my system & now I have to prepare for intravenous antibiotics for approximately 6 weeks.

I had an environmental specialist test the building and there were elevated mold levels. I went for allergy tests and found that I am indeed extremely allergic to mold and dust mites. My bosses are now going to attempt to “clean the building”

I printed copies of your report and sat with my bosses to explain to them why I felt the building was the cause of my sickness. I gave copies to my Brother who also has a severe mold allergy.

I found that it does not have to be costly to “clean up” mold and help prevent it from growing into elevated in levels. At work I discovered that our air conditioning filters were faulty and had not been changed since April. We are using allergen and particle filters and are giving the building a good cleaning with products that kill mold. The building is on the ground floor and has no sub basement. We are installing a commercial grade dehumidifier to tackle the dampness. All leaks in the roof are fixed and all “Bad” sheetrock and ceiling tiles are being replaced.

Thank you for sending me very informative report on mold, I found your information extremely helpful in combating my sickness and understanding what was occuring.
Diane – Scarsdale, New York

Please help! my daughter and future husband just bought a real fixer upper. The home is threw hud, it has potential, but brian doesn’t realize how bad the mold problem is. The house was left abandoned and a foot of water was left for months. The basement is finished and the walls need to be ripped out. Now how could the government let young kids buy a home full of
mold? I’m frantic because my daughter is 8 mos pregnant. maybe you could write her and send these reports.
Debbie Einhorn

I gave the information from your report to the property manager and custodial staff of our parish hall who were trying to cope with the problem. It brought out a number of previously unknown facts (lung problems in young children, for example) and served to convince others about the seriousness of the problem and get it dealt with. I appreciate the ready availability of the materials and obviously well researched statements presented.
J Guyette – Springhill, Nova Scotia

I am a teacher and I go to two schools. I have been in the one school for four years, but only a half a day. The room is in the basement and I began having headaches. At the end of last year, I had maybe three migraines a week, and was frantic. The school had received two letters from my allergist urging them to clean up the room because the room was filthy and full of mold. This year I asked them to purchase an air purifier for the room and the request was turned down. I called a board member and told him that not only should they have the air purifier in my room, but also in another one of the schools that struggles with mold. With a little push the room was cleaned up and the administration was shocked at how bad the room was with mold once they gutted the room.

Your initial article on the mold was very helpful. It started me on the quest to not quit asking for help. Thank you. Your information led me on the quest to not give up pushing and the room was cleaned up. In two years we will be in a new building and so there are concerns about that as well.
Linda Kennedy – Illinois

I live in McAllen, Texas where there has been a predominate number of lawsuites filed against homeowner insurance companies because of mold. In fact in the entire Rio Grande Valley location which covers a the tip of South Texas. I am a victim of insurance non-renewal from Farmers–of which is now being sued by the State of Texas–Republican politics–of which Farmers of Texas itself donated $70,000 to our Governor, Rick Perry.

Your information helped tremendously–I have intended to forward this to my friend, Dr. Bill Wilkenson from the University of Texas at Brownville–who became gravely ill-and discovered it was his leaky a/c. I will follow up on forwarding to my friend.
Nashla Showery – McAllen, Texas

I was looking to assist a friend who is living in a moldy house to move, as well as to find more information on Carbon Monoxide poisoning — which my family experienced for three years due to a faulty furnace — for which we are now entrenched in the legal system to remedy. I forwarded your report to my attorney and I read it to the people in the moldy house — they are actively looking to buy a new house and move now — THANKS
Frances Scott – Parker, Colorado

I was looking for information on mold to pass onto clients and insurance students. Your information was thorough, well presented and very helpful. I forwarded it to 30 other agents in our office and to some clients.
Dave Dehart – Oregon

Thank you so much. Now I am very interested. I have alot of the nervous system symptoms. I have had health problems for the last two years and the doctor ended up giving me an addictive medicine and now I have went through severe withdrawal but I have always wondered if it was the mold making me sick. We had the house tested for mold last year since our house is in a class action suit for severe ground water problems in our yard. It was suppose to go to trial this month after 5 years but I think it is being postponed again. My husband is very tired and I think depressed. He goes to work but doesn;t get alot done on the weekend. My children are tired too and seem with no extra energy. Nobody seems to want to leave the house to have fun. I had neck surgery 3 years ago but I have suffered from depression, anxiety, concentration problems, attention problems (you name it) and I was thinking it was the medicine. My body became totally toxic and I almost died or had seizures 40 days ago when I stopped taking my prescription medicine. It was bad withdrawal. I wonder if the mold was making me sick and that is why I was going to the doctors. The doctors don’t know so they gave me medicines for a quick fix. I was caught in the medical trap. Is there any tests to determine if your body has the mold in it. I know you can test for drugs but can you test for mold. We had stagioboris (sp) and peniciullim (sp) is the ones I remember. I remember they said they had to test for mold because the house above us had killer mold and the people had to move out. My son has a learning disability, too and anxiety and obsessive behavior on things he enjoys. It is a mess. I really needed to know how you test for mold. Your report helped me immensely. Thanks for your help.

Kevin, Thank you, you incredibly wonderful human being for these reports. I live in a 38 story building in Manhattan which is not even 8 years old. You are arming me with information so that I may effectively deal with one of the most powerful landlords in New York City. I shall keep on “reading” and “printing”! God bless!
2 Days Later:

Hi Kevin:
Re: “MOLD” Building ownership has already called in an environmental specialist…who on Wed. collected “samples” surface and air. They have already removed the wood floor in my closet and cut out half of the “plasterboard” wall… washed everything with bleach and today they are priming the walls with an fungicide and then painting…Let’s hear it for Kevin and his reports!! Thank a million times!
Marijo Gillis – New York

I was working on an insurance investigation. I’m an engineer. Your covered a lot more than I needed for the project I was working on, and it really helped me in my research.
Scott Charlton – Dallas Texas

The report was quite helpful and gave me further information as to whom I needed to contact for additional help in my area. Because of the information in your newsletter, and using the other services you offer, I am having my kitchen practically redone ( the contaminated cabinets will be removed, the connecting wall will be treated to remove all mold, etc. and new cabinets will be put in) over the next two to three weeks.
Dawn Jenkins – Bronx, New York

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