“What If Everything You Ever Thought You Knew About Black Mold Was Dead Wrong?”

Finally, A Tested And Proven System That Lets You Wipe Out Any Black Mold Threat In Your Home, And Reclaim Your Health… Almost Overnight!



Dear Friend,

I have a confession to make, and it may save your life!

Especially if you want to cut through all the B.S. and hype so you can find out how to wipe out, eliminate and prevent any black mold threat in your home or building!

I hate to tell you this because I don’t want to sound pompous or arrogant, but if you’re like most of my clients, you’ve been completely misinformed (and in some cases even lied to) about the black mold issue. I mean think about it for just a minute.

Where have you been getting your information from?

Are you getting it from television and newspaper stories that tend to over sensationalize the issue and paint a very grim picture?

Have you been getting misinformation from friends and family? I hope not, because while they mean well, they’re just not qualified to give you expert advice.

For crying out loud, I’ve even talked to clients who received completely inaccurate information from employees in certain government agencies. And once again, these people mean well, but unfortunately they’re just not qualified to give you advice regarding mold.

Here’s a perfect example…

This is an email I recently received from Lynn Sawyer in Waynesboro Virginia, who’s also a subscriber.


I live in a house in Waynesboro Va. After the hurricane came through we noticed black spots on our ceilings in two different rooms. These spots
grew to about 3ft x 3ft. My husband sprayed them with bleach and they seemed to go air-born. So, he painted over the spots. About two weeks
later there was another black mold spot in out window frame that my husband put in a container. I called the Waynesboro Health Department and was told that black mold does not grow in Virginia, and that I had nothing to worry about. Around two weeks after the mold appeared I became sick with
head-aches and memory loss. My son-in-law had to go to the hospital with asthma attacks. After my husband removed the mold from the window he had a finger wound that got infected, and was told that he had blood poison. His doctor has sent a sample of the infected area to have it tested. I am
highly allergic to penicillin. At this time I don’t know where to turn, and that’s why I am asking for your advice.

Thank You For Your Time,
Lynn Sawyer – Waynesboro, VA

My Reply:

Lynn, What you’ve shared is yet another perfect example of someone in an authority position that doesn’t have a clue what they’re talking about!
I’m sorry, but this kind of thing really makes me angry. Whoever you talked to at the Health Department is dead wrong!!! To think that mold can’t grow in the state of Virginia is completely insane. If you’ve got a moisture problem in your home, you can rest assured that a mold problem is going to occur as well.

As a result of misinformation like this, black mold has become a nationwide epidemic. But now, you can do something about it!

And by the time you finish this letter, you’ll know exactly what steps you need to take.


“How A Frantic Phone Call Uncovered Kim’s Hidden Mold Problem!”

Two years ago my secretary had taken the day off and I was answering the phones in the office. That afternoon I received a call from a woman who was clearly in a panic. Her name was Kim and she had just got home from an extended vacation to find visible mold growing on all four walls of her master bedroom.

She went on to tell me that she and her children had unexplained health problems spanning the last 7 months, and she now realized that it could have been from black mold in her home.

She continued crying as she told her story, while I did my best to calm her and get the information I needed. I asked if she knew of any previous water intrusion in the bedroom.

She said, “Yes, but how did you know”?

I explained that her mold growth was a result of trapped moisture in the room. Since there was visible mold on all four walls, we’d need to check for hidden mold in the home as well. I then asked her to give me more details about what happened.

As it turns out, she had got a new refrigerator the previous year.

She went on to tell me, “I didn’t know it at the time Kevin, but when the delivery guys installed the refrigerator, they didn’t get the water line for the ice maker connected all the way. It went on to leak for several days before I even realized what was going on”.

Unfortunately the water didn’t flow into the kitchen where it would have been easily noticed, but instead flowed through the wall that adjoined the bedroom on the other side.

By the time I discovered what was going on, the entire room of carpet was completely soaked.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, she went on to tell me more.

“Kevin, as soon as I found out what had happened, I went downtown and rented a carpet cleaning machine from the grocery store and spent all day trying to get the water out of the carpet.”

I replied, “What did you do after that Kim”?

I knew she’d been misinformed when she said, “Well, that’s about it. Within a few days the carpet was dry again and I thought everything was fine. But for the last several months we’ve been having all these health problems, and now I find mold actually growing on the walls of my master bedroom.”

“At That Moment, She Realized How Serious The Situation Was!”

“Oh My God, The mold is causing our health problems!” she exclaimed.

I said, “Yes, it’s entirely possible Kim, and we’ll work together to find out. But first, let me ask you, what made you decide to rent a carpet cleaning machine from the store?”

She told me that she called her dad as soon as she found out about the water problem, and that’s what he told her to do. Now keep in mind, her dad had good intentions and gave Kim the best advice he could. But like I said a few minutes ago, he just wasn’t qualified to give advice on the subject of black mold.

Maybe you’ve been in a similar situation and have been getting your advice from unqualified people too.

After reassuring Kim that everything was going to be alright, I told her I’d come over the following morning and meet with her.

When I got to her home she showed me the mold growing on all the walls in the bedroom and asked if I could take care of it.

“That’s not a problem Kim, but first we need to take care of the moisture situation that caused all this mold growth in the first place”.

“What do you mean?”, she asked.

I then laid out the plan and showed her exactly how we would wipe out the black mold in her home so she and her children could reclaim their health.

Within two days, the job was done, Kim’s home was mold-free, and she and the children were already seeing an improvement in their health.

I wanted to make sure that Kim never had to deal with a nightmare like this again, so before I left, the two of us did a final walk-through inspection.

I showed her how to spot a potential black mold problem and nip it in the bud, before it gets out of hand. I also gave her a complete information packet that outlines exactly what to do if she ever had a water intrusion or black mold problem in the future.


“But That’s Not The End Of The Story, It Gets Even Better”

A few days later I got another call from Kim, and I could tell she was excited.

She told me that she’d shared my information with her father, and after reading through it he was amazed.

She said, “Kevin, you wouldn’t believe the expression on his face when he was reading through your materials. He had no idea how serious black mold really could be if it’s not taken care of properly. My dad’s name is Bill and he’s a real estate agent. He wants to know if you’d work with him so he can offer your information to all his clients”.

As you can imagine, I was very flattered, and happy to help. To make a long story short, I’ve been working with Kim’s father ever since.

In the process I discovered that Kim wasn’t alone. In fact, almost everyone Bill introduced me to was completely misinformed on the subject of black mold and how to control it.

Since Bill and I started working together, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners here in Washington State by giving them information they couldn’t get anywhere else.

But that’s not the best part!

Working with Kim’s father has really shown me the big picture, and it feels great to have had such a positive impact on so many people’s lives.

After having such great results here in Washington State, I knew I had to take this project to the next level so I could reach more people like you who were desperately searching for help.

I figured that offering you this website would be the best option, and was I ever right!

Here it is 3 years later…

We’ve now had the honor of personally helping more than 23,000 people across the country, and now I get to help you too.


“If You’re Ready To Wipe Out The Black Mold Threat In Your Home Or Building And Keep It Gone Forever, NOW Is Your Chance!”


Before I go on, I need to ask you a few questions. This way you’ll be able to make the right decision and know what your next step is.

Do you have health problems that you just can’t explain?

Has your doctor been unable to diagnose these problems?

Do you suspect or have you had any kind of water intrusion in your home?

Have you ever had a roof leak?

If so, are you certain that it was taken care of properly?

Do you have any visible mold growth in your home?

Have you ever noticed any musty odors in your home?

Do you use a humidifier?

Do you notice condensation on the windows in your home?

Do you have any walls in your home that are discolored?

Do you have any cracked or peeling paint in your home?


If you answered yes to any of the 11 questions above, you may have a serious mold problem right now!

Your next step is to see how I’ve already helped these clients.

Then keep reading so you’ll have your own success story to tell.

“This picture was taken on May 17th, 2003. Me and my new husband!! We moved into a house that was built in 1942 and one week later, we found a ton of mold. I had no idea what I was dealing with until I found your greatly appreciated system on mold and how to handle it. An insurance man told me it wasn’t dangerous but thank GOD I didn’t believe him. I have 3 children and was terrified that they would become ill. Luckily I found you and dealt with the “MOLD MONSTER” before it got out of hand!!! And we all live here happily ever after!! All thanks to you!!!!” Briana Schultz – Indiana

A great big thanks! Since getting your Wipe Out Mold System, my health has improved 100%. I would have never thought it was possible. Ralph Benton, Conway, SC

Your system was a great investment. I did a ton of research on the internet over the last 5 months, picking up all the free stuff I could. I hesitated in getting your system because I didn’t think it would really help me that much. Was I ever wrong. THANKS! Brian Preston, Augustine, FL

My wife and I picked up your system about 45 days ago and have since used it to regain our health. Your program has been so helpful that I practically sleep with it. In part your program confirmed my beliefs about the danger of mold, but more importantly it has shown me how to protect my family from this serious health threat. Rex Deangelo, Lewisburg, TN

Other information offered online is just a scaled down version of your system. You give more ready-to-use consumer friendly information than anything else I’ve come across. There’s nothing else out there like it. Bruce Campbell, Denton, TX

I want to say thanks for all the effort you put into helping me use your excellent system, especially your genuine personal interest and follow through. It has been a life changing experience, thanks to you. Bonnie Wigren, Bloomington, MN

I had been dealing with a mold problem for the last 2 years. It had really taken a toll on my body and my health was declining. I had almost given up hope, until I called and got your information. Kevin, this is an awesome system and anyone can use it. Carolyn Tinsley, Moorpark, CA

I’m a member of your group who has not been able to use all of your system yet because of my time schedule. About the only tool I have used is the video you included. But this alone allowed me to find the hidden black mold in my home and get it repaired. Pat Froberg, Lancaster, OH

I must tell you that I got your Mold System some time back and am amazed at how you continue to stay in touch and keep me informed after the fact. This alone sets you apart from everyone else. Russell Drake, Chico, CA

“Kevin, I got your Mold System and I have to say, it made me furious to find out how much misinformation I had got from the media. I was scared to death of this stuff as a result of all the media hype. But you gave me simple step-by-step instructions that I followed to protect myself and my family from this health hazard. I wish more people were as willing to help as you are. I also understand the importance of inspecting my home for mold at least once a year now.” Joe Higgins – Tampa, FL

“I wish I had found your site and your system before I spent $27,943. Had I got your system in advance, I would have only spent a fraction of that amount. Thanks for the great information and all that you’re doing.” Bob Stoddard – Las Vegas, NV

“After going through your system, it gave me the confidence to know that I could take care of any mold problem in my home. I had to send you my thanks. When you think about trying to go through this all on your own, it seems overwhelming, but a person can get all the help they need when they take advantage of your expertise like I did. I’m so glad I made this decision.” Donna Bertrand – Anchorage, AK

“Kevin, after hearing of you on my local news station, I knew you could help me. It was great to speak with you in person and find out that you truly are a genuine person. Your system is meticulously organized, yet personalized as well. I can tell that you really enjoy helping people. I hope others will realize what an awesome service you provide. Once again, thanks for all you do.” Susan Stokes – Memphis, TN

“Dear Kevin, I’m the mold victim who has contacted you several times over the last year applauding you for the tremendous effort you have undertaken to educate people about the dangers of living with black mold and how they can avoid it. Keep up the good work.” MJ Patterson – Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“I must say that your system has been very helpful. This type of research I’m sure has taken up most of your time but without people like you, many of us would still be in the dark about mold and what to do about it and also the hazards it can contain. So, thank you.” Betsy Nilsen

“I signed up with you some time ago after finding you through the “Mold Across America” site. Thanks to you and the fantastic information you provide, I have been able to reduce mine and my daughters’ suffering. I just wanted you to know I DO pass on your information to everyone I believe can benefit from it… apartment managers, friends and relatives. You are doing a great service for an enormous amount of people and are to be commended for your work. Thank You!” Sincerely, Tracy Shephard

“I’m an educator, teaching construction materials and methods in the Construction Management Program at Purdue University. My interest in mold is based upon the problems facing the industry, and educating the future construction managers and owners about the problem. Thank you for your information, I will be using your system often (my students will too). ” Dale Koehler – Associate Professor – Purdue University

“I’m a director of a local homeowners association that has 116 families. We live in a gated community of nine associations. Your system was forwarded to 4 other directors of our association plus the Presidents of the other eight associations. It will positively impact 800 families as each association’s officers now have a better understanding of the mold problem. Your system provided everything we needed to know. I will tell others about it as well.” Roger Randell – Bonita Springs, Florida

“I very much appreciate your system. It’s been very helpful. I have to admit, I haven’t fully digested all the information. I am the owner of a roof consulting business and you probably know all too well the “information overload” we are all battling. This does not include your info, of course. I needed general information on mold for use in my home environment and of course to become aware of how leaking roofs and walls, etc., can create a potential for mold. The information you provided was excellent and it answered many of my questions. I find myself referencing your system over and over again.” Mike Leavy – Morristown, New Jersey

“Kevin, The information and answers to my specific questions just saved me at least $10,000.00 in personal property loss due to mold! I had a serious black mold situation and was ready to walk away from a great deal of personal property, fearing that it couldn’t be cleaned. Thanks to you, I learned the property can be salvaged rather than disposed of. Thanks so much for providing this information source. Keep up the good work!” Pat Johnson – Iowa

If you’re ready to get the same results as the clients you just heard from, I can definitely help.

But first, I need to say…

While I’d like to personally help every visitor that comes to this site, it’s just not possible.

As this project grows, my schedule gets busier and busier.

I now find that I can’t even respond to the hundreds of emails I receive each day.

But the fact is, I really do want to help you, and that’s why I’ve prepared this special offer.



“Let Me Tell You About The Guaranteed Wipe Out Black Mold Now System And How It Insures Your Success”

You’ll get all this:

checkmark The 7-Part Mold-Buster Audio System

I’ll be right there with you, showing you exactly what to do. As soon as you listen to the very first tape, you’ll realize that you no longer have to be scared of black mold. You’ll also gain the knowledge and confidence to know exactly what steps you need to take.

You’ll be able to go through the tapes in the comfort of your own home. Or if you have a busy schedule and need to make the best use of your time, you can listen to them in your car.
Value: $149.97 – But Included FREE With Your 30-Day Trial

checkmark The Wipe Out Black Mold Now Manual

You’ll use this manual to highlight the specific points that are relevant to your situation. Once completed, you’ll have the exact steps of your mold prevention and clean up action plan!

And here’s the best part…

As you go through the system, you’ll NEVER be confused, overwhelmed or have any trouble deciding what you need to do first or next. It’s just like having me right there with you, walking you through each step of the process.
Value: $79.97 – But Included FREE With Your 30-Day Trial


Here’s everything I’ll be showing you in this incredible system:

  1. How To Know If You’ve Been Exposed To Toxic Black Mold!
  2. The 22 Little Known Signs That Reveal Hidden Mold In Your Home Or Building!
  3. The 21 Specific Places Where You Can Actually Find Black Mold Growing In Your Home At This Very Moment!
  4. The 1 Critical Thing You MUST Do As Soon As You Find Mold!
  5. How To Get Started With Your Own Mold Clean Up Right Now!
  6. The 5 Critical Steps To Eliminating The Black Mold Threat!
  7. Why Bleach Is Completely Ineffective For Killing Mold!
  8. The Best Product For Getting Rid Of Mold Forever, And Where To Find It!
  9. How To Protect Yourself And Your Family During The Cleaning Process!
  10. How To Be Sure You Got Rid Of The Mold Threat, The First Time Around!
  11. How To Cut Your Clean Up Expenses In Half!
  12. The 2 Simple Steps That Will Prevent Future Black Mold Growth, Yet Hardly Anyone Knows About Them!
  13. And Much, Much More!


“And When You Respond By Midnight On, You’ll Also Get $279.91 In Free Bonuses And Personalized Expert Help!”

I tell all my clients, “When you invest in my system, you also invest in my ongoing expert help.” I refuse to leave anything to chance, and that’s why I’m offering you these extra bonuses when you act right now.


checkmark The “Get Instant Help” 24-Hour Access Fax Consultation

You’ll receive this bonus gift absolutely FREE with your order. This form gives you 24-Hour priority access to me. You’ll be able to use this form to get one-on-one help from me whenever you need it.
Value: $49.97 – But Included FREE With Your 30-Day Trial

checkmark 30 Minute One-On-One Personal Phone Consultation

For a very limited time I’ll also throw in an unadvertised 30 minute one-on-one phone consultation. Since my regular consulting fee is $300 an hour, this is a $150 value. This bonus alone makes the entire system virtually Free. As you can imagine, my time schedule simply won’t allow me to make this offer forever. You’ll have to act quickly if you want this bonus consultation.

Value: $150.00 – But Included FREE With Your 30-Day Trial

checkmark Ask The Experts “Live” Mold Teleconference

Each month I host this “live” interactive teleconference that you can take part in from the comfort of your home or office. Heck, you can even call in on your cell phone if you’d like. I’ll answer your specific questions and give you expert consulting services. I also bring in physicians, attorneys and other industry professionals to provide additional information on related black mold topics such as medical issues, legal issues and insurance issues. You can finally gain access to these nationally sought after and recognized experts, without paying their $200.00-$500.00 an hour consulting fees. As a system owner, you’ll receive one month absolutely free.

Value: $39.97 – But Included FREE With Your 30-Day Trial

checkmark Dr. Andrew Campbell Interview: “Is Black Mold Causing My Health Problems”

Dr Andrew Campbell Is one of only 4 physicians in the country who specializes in working with victims of black mold exposure. In this special tape interview he offers his years of experience to answer your most pressing mold related medical questions.

Dr. Campbell has been co-editor and on the editorial board of medical journals and has published chapters in medical textbooks. Dr. Campbell continues to contribute to the advancement of medical science with peer-reviewed publications over the last decade. Dr. Campbell has been recognized by Who’s Who for over a decade and is also recognized for his accomplishments and contributions to the science of medicine in Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare.

Dr. Campbell serves as medical director in a clinical practice in the Houston area where he specializes in clinical immunotoxicology, the study of how toxins affect the human body and its immune system. Dr. Campbell’s professional activities include serving as the medical director for Medical Center for Immune and Toxic Disorders, a staff consultant to the Texas Department of Health and treating physician to many patients.

This 90-minute interview with Dr. Andrew Campbell is regularly priced at $39.97. But for a limited time, it’s included with your system at no additional charge.

Value: $39.97 – But Included FREE With Your 30-Day Trial

And of course the entire system is fully guaranteed, but that’s not the best part.



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Well let me tell you…

Since I started this website I’ve always offered a 100% money back guarantee on my goods and services. As a result I’ve built a solid reputation and my clients are always comfortable doing business with me.

In fact, once a person becomes a client, they end up refering their family, friends and neighbors as well.

And now I’m going to make sure you have the same experience.

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As soon as you receive your system (delivered via Priority Mail), you’ll know you’ve got your hands on something powerful.

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I’d like to send you a copy of the entire Wipe Out Mold Now System at MY RISK.

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When you click on the “30-Day Free Trial” button below,
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I truly want to help you get rid of mold in your home. I get
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incredible success, and I want to help you too.

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       As usual, if you have any questions, just send an email to kevin@getmoldsolutions.com and I’ll get back to you with an answer.


“How To Decide If This System Is Right For You”

It all boils down to a very simple, sensible, straight-forward proposition: If you want to protect yourself and your family from the toxic black mold threat, why wouldn’t you put this system to the test, especially given this 30-Day FREE trial offer, and my 100% money-back guarantee?

Here’s the bottom line: If you think you know it all already, if you’re willing to risk your own life, as well as everyone else in your family, if you don’t mind paying a fortune down the road when the situation is much worse and serious damage is done to your home – then stop reading right now and walk away.

Keep trying to get all the free information you can by searching the internet. Only problem is, yeah, you’ll get some stuff for
free, but you ain’t gonna get the whole story.

Sure, you can gather bits n pieces. But the bits n pieces you gather may be the wrong ones. Not only that, what you missed, what went right over your head – that’s the critical information.

And when an expert explains it to you, you clunk your head and go, “Damn, I wish I wouldn’t have missed that cause it just cost me a fortune.”

So – If you want to get expert help, and avoid the black mold nightmare- put this system to the test today. Do it right now!

I look forward to working with you.



Kevin Thompson
The Nation’s Mold Solutions Expert

P.S. – I’m probably off my rocker for giving you a 30-Day FREE Trial. As you can see by the expiration date (highlighted in the box above) this IS a limited, time-sensitive offer. And if I get taken to the cleaners, I’ll remove it from the site even sooner.

P.S.S. – And one more thing: even if you do send the system back during your free trial period, I want you to keep the Wipe Out Black Mold Now Manual as my way of saying thanks for giving it a try.